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A Message from Demons President About June Board of Director Elections


Please take a few minutes to read this message from Demons President Jack Bloomer.

Dear Demons Families,
This month’s Membership meeting was held Wednesday May 9th at the Holliston Fire Station.  We were pleased to have roughly 30 members in attendance in order to provide feedback on the nomination process for the Annual elections.  The feedback was productive and helpful in making our decision.
As background for this discussion, several years ago, the Demons board of directors recognized a weakness in our bylaws which might enable a small group of members to come forward at the Annual Meeting and take control of the organization.  A bylaw was written and approved at the time stating that nominations for board positions must be submitted prior to May 1st in order that the membership have time to understand who was running and vote accordingly. 
Two separate events occurred creating confusion at the deadline for nomination submission.  Prior to May 1st, the board of directors released an email with conflicting information.  In the subject line, the nomination deadline was listed as May 1st while the text of the message correctly noted the bylaw deadline was prior to May 1st.  The subject line was displayed on the website in the Latest News section which only displays the first line of any messages.  In addition, it was reported on May 1st that I was running for President and later that day it was retracted to indicate that I was not seeking re-election this year. 
On May 1st, I received two additional nominations from the membership; one email was a nomination request for President and the other for Secretary.
In an attempt to be inclusive a bylaw change was proposed and posted to the membership.  Wednesday’s meeting was the opportunity for members to come forward and be heard.  Comments at the meeting highlighted flaws in changing the bylaws at this point.  There were also several ideas to improve the process in general.  Finally there was feedback that the members wanted a voice in these matters.  There was a bias for presenting more choices and having the membership determine what was best.
In executive session, we took up the issue of the bylaw change.  The feedback from general session was considered and the board voted unanimously to reject the bylaw proposal.  We acknowledge that there was good membership feedback and the organization should consider future process changes. 
We then opened the discussion about how to address the May 1st nominations.  Once again, considering the membership input, the board unanimously approved the addition of the May 1st nominees to this year’s ballot.   The board feels that by enabling expanded choice, the members will have the final say in the elections. 
The list of nominees is now available here by clicking on the link:

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.
Thank you,
Jack Bloomer

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